Sunday - 3rd August 2003


Program of events

  • 11.15 – opening of the Second Dance House Summer Camp at the Szydłowiec town market (performance by musicians participating in the camp).
  • 15.00 – folk instruments fair and a “Bread Fest” (the castle in Szydłowiec).
  • 16.00 – opening of the exhibition “Accordions and concertinas from the collection of the Museum of Folk Instruments in Szydłowiec,” with accordion performance by Stephane Delicque (the castle in Szydłowiec).
  • 18.00-22.00 – traditional music performance and dance at the castle courtyard in Szydłowiec.


  • the family band of Marian Bujak from Szydłowiec, 
  • the Wyrwińscy band from Korzyce, 
  • the Jakubowscy band from Gnieździska
  • the Stanisław Stępniak from Radom
  • the Niedźwieccy band from Warsaw, 
  • the Pies Szczeka band from Warsaw, 
  • the Mészáros Zenekar group from Budapest,
  • Stephane Delicq from Averne (France).