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daily morning and afternoon sessions 







Monday: “The bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy in central Poland – a study of historical resources” – 
Dr Zbigniew Je
rzy Przerembski (Polish Academy of Science).

Tuesday: “Fiddle playing at the border of the the Kieleckie and Radomskie regions” – Dr Ewa Dahlig (Polish Academy of Science).

Wednesday:  “The harmonica and harmonists in the Radomskie region” – Prof. Andrzej Bienkowski (The Academy of Fine Arts).

Thursday: “Bringing life to the monuments of Polish industry” – Dorota Niemczyk (National Cultural Centre).

Thursday night: panel discussion "Between folk and village music" – speakers include Andrzej Bienkowski (the Academy of Fine Arts), Antoni Beksiak (the Ruch Muzyczny magazine),  Weronika Grozdew (musicologist, the Swoja Droga group), Anna Szewczuk and Piotr Kedziorek (the Polish Radio Folk Centre), Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj (the Dom Tanca Association).

 Friday: ”Religious song in the parish of Skrzynsko (Radomskie)” – dr Antoni Zola (The Catholic University of Lublin).

 Film shows every night (documentaries by A. Rozycki, A. Bienkowski, R. Hanaj).



  • Sunday (03.08) –  welcome concert  - the castle in Szydlowiec,

  • Wednesday (06.08.) – "The last village harmonists" with musicians from the area (the historical steelworks in Chlewiska),

  • Friday (08.08.) – "The liturgical calendar in the Radomskie folk song” (the church in Chlewiska), 

  • Saturday (09.08.) – "Radomskie wedding rituals" a traditional wedding reconstruction (the historical steelworks in Chlewiska).

THE CAMP will take place at the historical steelworks in Chlewiska. More detailed information about the steelworks can be found in links.

In your spare time, why not take a swim or hire a boat in the crystal-clear, life-guard patrolled lake situated in the nearby recreation area


Entrance fees

● Ticket books (admission to all workshops, seminars, concerts and dance nights):

  • PLN 120 (before June 30) 30 EUR

  • PLN 150 (from July 1) 37, 5 EUR

  • PLN 90 (last year’s participants, before June 30) 22,5 EUR

  • concession (children over 12) – 50% discount

  • children under 12 – admission free

Payments for full ticket books should be made to: 

Stowarzyszenie "Dom tanca"
Bank Slaski S.A., O/W-wa,
nr 24-1050-1038-1000-0005-0127-9525

(please quote “Tabor” when making payment)

● One-day admission ticket: PLN 25 - 6,5  EUR


 (in Chlewiska) 

  •  tent site: PLN 5/person/day + 5/ tent/day  (1,25 EUR + 1,25 EUR)

  • chalets (at the “Mexicana” recreation area): PLN 15/person/day, 3-person (11,5 EUR)
    and 5-person chalets (19 EUR), limited availability

  • rooms in the “Bishops’s Palace” and the ”Palac” and “Stajnia” hotels: from PLN 120/day (single)  - 30 EUR to PLN 225/day (triple)57 EUR - Manor House

  • a limited number of places in private accommodation

Information on other accommodation can be obtained from: 

Gmina Chlewiska, tel. 0 +48 6287040 



Full board (delicious home-style fayre): PLN 155 (39 EUR) for a book of meal vouchers for 7 days, 6,25 for 1 day. Meals cannot be purchased singly. Vegetarian meals can be ordered. 


  •  the use of camcorders and other video equipment during the camp is prohibited without the prior consent of the organisers;

  • persons under the age of 18 will only be admitted in the company of an adult; 

  • it is participants’ responsibility to organise their own travel insurance;

  • participants will only be admitted to activities and events upon showing the appropriate ticket;

  • the organisers take no responsibility for the loss of valuables left unattended;

  • beginners will not be allowed to take part in advanced workshops, but are free to spectate;

  • participants are urged to sign up for crafts workshops in order to guarantee them a place.

Books and CDs will be sold at the camp.

Last year’s summer camp was followed by:

  • the fourth issue of the Wedrowiec magazine, devoted to traditional culture of the Radomskie region,

  • the CD “The First Dance House Summer Camp – Chlewiska 2002".


call +48 22 668 69 55, +48 608 43 85 85, +48 608 49 84 45 (Polish and English)
+48 609 69 17 19 (Polish, French and Spanish)



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